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  1. Tiny lily of the valley sends up its lovely little sprays of bell-like white or pale pink flowers each spring. Allow it to spread a little (which it does, so much that it can be a problem) and it will perfume the whole area with its distinctive scent. It also makes adorable, tiny bouquets. It .
  2. Lily of the valley is known for its pure white, bell-shaped flowers and unforgettable perfume. This shade-loving plant is also a tough and reliable ground cover that will grow almost everywhere in the country. Planted beneath shade trees, on steep banks or against a foundation, it will give you a lush carpet of green from spring to fall.
  3. May 14,  · Lily of the valley(Convallaria majalis) is a woodland plant, much valued for its fragrant summer flowers. Its low, spreading habit also makes it ideal for growing as a ground cover plant. Lily of the valley thrives in a moist, shaded spot, and gradually spreads .
  4. Jul 17,  · Lily of the valley is a common symbol in the Christian religion. In their tradition, they call the flower “ our lady’s tears “. This term derives from the story of Virgin Mary crying for her crucified son. According to the story, Lily of the valley was then taken to the gates of heaven to measure the purity of the heart of the soul.
  5. Sep 21,  · Lily of the valley, known botanically as Convallaria majalis, produces white or pale pink, bell-shaped blossoms in spring from an underground rhizome. Thriving in partial to complete shade and moist soil, lily of the valley rhizomes naturalize quickly to establish a deep green carpet of smooth leaves. They are widely.
  6. Oct 29,  · Lily of the Valley is a flowering woodland plant that grows easily in shaded, moist conditions. It features dainty-looking white flowers that are bell-shaped and emit a .
  7. Mar 29,  · Lily of the valley can live for decades in cool climates, but doesn't survive for long in hot weather. 7 It holds major significance around the world. It became Finland's national flower in
  8. But the lily of the valley — because it has a drooping head, and retires behind the shade of its broad green leaves, instead of thrusting itself forward — may be taken as an emblem of lowliness or humility, and so will serve to remind us of the Lord Jesus Christ. III.
  9. Lily of the Valley 1 Fragrance Oil (60ml) For Diffusers, Soap Making, Candles, Lotion, Home Scents, Linen Spray, Bath Bombs, Slime out of 5 stars 86 $ $ 9. 95 ($/Fl Oz).

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